Cup lifter

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Team building activity where the team must remotely lift a cup off a pyramid of cups


6 Styrofoam cups per group
1 elastic band per group. The band should be sized to fit around the cup.
Ball of twine
Scissors/ knife to cut twine


Cut 50cm pieces of twine for each scout in the group.
Tie each piece of twine evenly around the elastic band.
Each scout holds the end of one the attached strings.
The object is to stack the cups into a pyramid without touching them
To pick up the cup, pull strings to open elastic and slip over cup.
Loosen grip on string, which tightens band on cup. Then move it, and pull again to let go. (Don't tell scouts this, let them figure it out)

Taken from FLEX-FAST


  • team building
  • teamwork

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