Urban Hike

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Hike with fun cryptic quiz questions on local shops and other premises to demonstrate knowledge of local features, emphasises road safety, observation and getting to destinations efficiently in the allotted time.


Parents/adults, mobile camera phone (parents), question paper, answer paper, pens, first aid kit, appropriate clothes for prevailing conditions, drink and snack to keep energy levels up.


Allocate 2 adults to a six. Brief group on quiz and the risks (see Files). Also Leader must set the standard of behaviour expected around town (including littering). Each six starts at a different question number on the sheet (a location in town) so they don't all go round together. Teamwork: They must work out which premises to visit from the clues as a six, then hike around town visiting each premises using as efficient a route as possible. They must visit as many of the locations as they can in the allotted time. Adults to take an amusing photo of their six at each location found to prove they've been there. The best photos to get posted on the Cub website. Also, Cubs must make sure they point out local features of interest to the parents/adults as they go to count towards their badge. Optional hot chocolate at the end!


  • Hike
  • local knowledge
  • observation
  • quiz
  • road safety
  • teamwork
  • traffic awareness
  • Urban

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