Harvest Box

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Decorate a harvest box to take home, fill with suitable food items to donate to a homeless charity at Harvest Parade


2(4 if you intend to make a lid) x A4 thick card or small cardboard box eg shoe box per child, PVA glue, glue spreaders, pencils and pens, paint (if you dare), coloured paper, coloured tissue paper, scissors, ruler sellotape or masking tape


Make the box and lid using the instructions attached Use 2 A4 pieces for box Depending on their level of skill - very simple would be to cover each side of the box with PVA glue and stick on torn pieces of tissue paper in different colours like a stained glass window(ish). More difficult would be to cut slightly oversized pieces of green card, one for each side of the box and using scissors cut the top of each to look like grass. Glue these to the sides and then decorate further with drawn cut out shapes eg flowers, tractors, butterflies, houses, people - basically anything to make it look good!


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