Under Attack

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A 'dark' game to play during the winter months


One torch each


One team is attackers (made up of half the sixes), they are given an objective - to collect treasure (eg beanbags or cones). The other team are defenders (made up of the other sixes).
Torches are laser guns and drain the enemy of energy when shone into the face (make sure the torches are quite dim). To regain energy, the defenders must return to base. The attackers though will pass out (they've obviously not been looking after themselves well while planning the heist) and can be carried back to the defenders base. Tally is kept by woggles!!

The game is played in the dark and various resources can be allowed to make the meeting place more unfamiliar eg booby traps, sheets hung across the room, etc. The defenders should have a few minutes before the game to sort this out.


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