Phonetic alphabet

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Phonetic alphabet code


Copies of the phonetic alphabet for every scout or patrol or team, pens, paper.


Before the meeting: Obtain copies of the Phonetic Alphabet, write a list of 15 words, 10 sentences scout or theme related.
Split up either individually or in patrols. Provide pens and paper as required. To start explain the rules! Someone will read out words phonetically, they have to write down what letter is being said, to answer they must 1st shout out their initials phonetically. They then attempt to solve the word or sentence. If successful reward a point. Once a team has 8 points they win. (3 in row for same patrol etc) As a warm up game get them to say their names or initials phonetically. (A trial run might be required for the game).


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  • alphabet
  • communication
  • emergency services
  • Fire Fighter
  • phonetic
  • Phonetic Code
  • police
  • radio

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