The Cube

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Series of challenges following the ITV gameshow style.


See Programmes in a box resource.

Extra ideas:
12 tin cans with gaffa tape around the bottom half, placed in a line along a table. Kids have to invert each of them in a set time, only using one hand. We used empty coke cans and gave them 9 seconds to invert 12.
Swingball - a weight on a rope hanging from the ceiling, have to swing it round to the opposite side of the room to knock off a ball on a pole.
Walk the beam - piece of wood on its side - walk along the entire length
Balancing - balance on something for 20 seconds
Cylinder - The player must bounce a ball into a container in the middle of the Cube.
Dead Stop - Player must throw a weighted ball onto a raised platform, the ball must come to a complete stop without falling off the edge.
Equilibrium - The balance a small ball on a tile whilst making their way across the Cube, touching 4 red squares marked on the floor, and return without dropping the ball.
Aperture - Move 20 Balls from a tray to a box with a hole just big enough to take the balls within 30 secs.
Construction - Build a vertical column of 10 rods in centre of the Cube. Column must remain standing for 5 secs. We used duplo blocks and got them to build a tower of 14 in 30seconds.
Rebound - A table must be placed against a wall. A ball is rolled along the table so it bounces off the wall, and rolls back to stop between two lines.
Barrier - Use 2 chairs string between them at knee height, blindfolded player to step over it.

In the attachments, for "Invert-a-ball", we used pool bools in mixing bowls and gave them 6 seconds (they struggled but it is doable).




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