Personal Attributes - Life Auction

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The scouts bid on personal attributes to get the life that they want. Shows how much the group values different personal attribute such as sense of humer, ability to make friends and a supportive family


White paper
Auction Booklet
Auction Cards


- Set the room out like an auction house (chairs in rows, table at front for auctioneer, table at side for lots). I have also found that it generally helps if the leaders get into character... acting rather prim and proper like you would imagine an auction house.

- One leader acts as the Auctioneer and a second one the Assistant.
- The Auctioneer does most of the talking and takes the bids. -- The Assistant looks after the lots and keeps track of the scouts financies.
- Once the scouts are seated, welcome them to Life Auction Ltd and explain that on entry to the auction house everything about there life to date has been erased, and they have the opportunity to have whatever life they wish... as long as they can outbid their counterparts.
- Hand out the Auction Booklets and give them a couple of minutes to read through it.
*Optional* while this is happening you can explain that Life isn't exactly fair and neither is Life Auction Ltd.
- Each person will get a base amount of money, but will also get an additional sum based on the roll of a die.
- e.g. the base amount set at £900 and then £100x the number on the die (so it varied between £1000 and £1500)
- Give the Explorer Scouts a pen and paper each so that they can try to keep track of there own money, the Auctioneers Assistant will also track how much the Explorers have left and how much each lot sells for.
- Once they have had time to figure out the lots that they are going to bid for and what strategy they are going to use, let the auction begin.
- Once the auction is over, go through the results with the Explorers. What went for the most money? What went for the least? What was the top five? Are there any reasons why these items cost more or less than the others?


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