Pocket money game

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A game where Cubs need to select the correct change for a given sum of money. Use as part of the problem solving section of the creative challenge


A set of coins for each six. Each set totals £1.49 using the denominations of 50p and below. A list of sums of money that can be achieved with one set of coins. 2 chairs per six.


Chairs are placed at opposite sides of the room. Each Six line up behind a chair at one end of the room and a leader/helper stands by the opposite chair. A set of coins is placed on the chair by each six. When a sum of money is called the correct coins are placed on the chair by the leader/helper.
The leader calls out a sum of money. The first cub takes the correct coins and runs to place the money on the chair across the room. The leader/helper verifies the change is correct. Point awarded to the first six to get the correct change on the chair across the room. Cub returns to back of their Six line.
From now on the coins remain split between the chairs. The next Cubs add and remove coins on the chair by the leader/helper to achieve the correct sum of money. Repeat several times so Cubs have a few goes each.
Agree how much help Cubs may give each other. This may be changed as the game progresses. Vary from the Sixer only can help, other nominated cub or cubs may help, to no help at all.


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