Scout Board Game

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Scouts are asked to design and create a board game for others in Scouting to play.


Pens, Paper, Large Sheets of Cardboard, Glue, Scissors, other Craft Type Materials


See the downloadable Instruction Sheet, alternatively:

The goal is:
1. Make a board game with some counters
2. Make questions
3. Make rules

The board game should have some kind of path from start to finish, with each part being a category. There should/could be some random element that allows teams to advance/go back at random.

Questions should be broken into categories:
1. Promise & Law
2. Diet, sleep, smoking, alcohol and drugs (or whatever badge-work you are struggling with making interesting!)
3. Scouting skills
4. First aid

The game should be played like articulate (talking), pictionary (drawing), snakes & ladders, trivial pursuit, or a combination of them.


  • craft
  • creative activity
  • creative challenge
  • Entrepreneur

Badge Links

  • Creative - Activity
  • Teamwork - Goal
  • Teamwork - Team-building