Micro Teach Night

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Patrols to deliver 5 minute Micro Teach Skill Session


Appropriate to skills chosen to teach


Working as a patrol you must deliver a 5 minute skills session to the other patrols.
You have 30 minutes to prepare and may make use of any resources in the hut & stores.
All of your patrol must be involved in the session delivery; you may want to consider visual aids (flip chart), role play, Q&A, audience participation etc.
The audience & leaders will give you feedback at the end of your presentation and may test your own knowledge of the subject delivered.

Ideas for sessions:
* Map & compass
* Pioneering & knots
* Fire lighting
* Knife/axe/saw
* Leading a group
* Tents (care, folding away etc)
* Camp food
* First aid
* Hygiene on camp


  • Instructing
  • skills
  • teaching

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