Halloween Evening

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traditional Halloween evening


apples, doughnuts, toilet rolls 1 per pair of beavers, biscuits, fancy dress, touchy feels things, gloop, face painter, coloured cake decoration squeezy bottle icing, towels. Spare carrier bags.


Dunking for apples (need towels)
Hang donuts from strings, they have to eat the donuts without using their hands.
Face painter
Biscuits and get the beavers to decorate them with the coloured icing.
Put your hand in some gloop to search for spooky goodies. Bouncy eye balls, spiders, etc.
One beaver acts as a mummy, the other beaver is to wrap his partner in toilet roll, head to foot.
Spare carrier bags are for the ripped up toilet paper at the end (3 bags per 20 beavers should do it).


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