egg throwing

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Each lodge is tasked to steal 2 poisonous/radio active eggs and work out a safe way of launching them across the room to a waiting leader.


Poison or radio active stickers. Each group will need 2 eggs, parcel tape, 3 balloons, scissors.


Set up with all the eggs centrally, marked with poison or radio active stickers - under a table or get them to crawl through a tunnel to get them. Once collected they have to use the kit of parts to protect their eggs from ahrm onced launched across the room to their leader. If their eggs break then the poison is released and that group is out (or 'dead', obviously dying in a noisy way and has to lie on the floor to add to the fun). Teamed with a 'Secret Agent' themed night it's good way to teach science.


  • model making
  • science
  • Throwing

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