Bomb the base

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The object of the game is to capture as many of the opposing teams' flags as possible in the allotted time. Tip: The more of your team that are out in the arena, the more flags your team will collect.


Coloured J-Cloths (one colour for each team), the more Cubs/Scouts the merrier.


Each team member is given a coloured 'flag' which represents your team colour (a coloured 'J' cloth), so Red team will each have red 'J' cloths and so on. You will place your flag into your Scout belt. The flag should not be tied to your belt, just tucked into the back of your it. Each team has a base in a secret location, at least it's secret until it's discovered by the other teams! Each base has a bucket into which captured 'flags' are placed. There are two ways to capture opposing 'flags': 1) By snatching a flag from an opposing players' belt. 2) By finding one that has genuinely been dropped on the ground. You will then deposit the captured flag back at your base bucket and rejoin the game. You will run immediately to Jail when another player snatches the flag away from your belt. Even if you have a captured flag in your hand. Remember they cannot take that from you as well. You are only released when a fellow team member brings you your team coloured 'flag' which you can then tuck into your belt and rejoin the game. Your team members must therefore raid another team's base in order to rescue one of their own coloured flags back and therefore release you from Jail. So Red team must raid Blue or Green's base bucket to find a Red flag to bring back to Jail to give to their Red team mate in order to release them. More details in the attached...


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