pumpkin carving

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Pumpkin Carving

Instructions courtesy of Durham Scouts:

Edited to suit all Sections 28/8/23


For young persons:
1 pumpkin per YP
1 small carving kit per YP
2 tea-light candles per YP (possibly use electric candles to mitigate fire risk)
Long matches
Sharpie or marker pens
Newspaper and bin bags

For leaders:
1 knife per leader


1. To start, the leader uses a sharp knife to cut off the crown of the pumpkin. YP can do this if having been briefed on knife safety and considered responsible.
2. Using your spoon carefully scoop out the flesh of the pumpkin and place the flesh in the container. You should leave at least a 5cm shell of the pumpkin or it may collapse when you carve it.

Sustainable Idea…Why not use the flesh of the pumpkin to make a delicious pumpkin treat.
Follow these links for some recipe ideas:

3. With a marker pen, draw a simple outline of a face on the pumpkin. Be creative – do you want them to look happy, scary or something else. What shape do you want the eyes, the nose and mouth? Use a carving kit knife to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. Always cut away from you in case the knife slips.

When cutting…
Remember - if you cut a whole shape, anything inside of that shape will be removed so be careful with your design. Think of how a stencil works. Always leaves a small part connected to the rest of the pumpkin.

4. Finally, pop a tealight inside the pumpkin, light it up, replace the ‘lid’ and put your amazing achievement on display


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