Poppy making for remembrance sunday

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Make a poppy for Remembrance Sunday.


* Coloured tissue paper
* Plain/Coloured Paper
* Glitter (?)
* Scissors
* Glue/Glue Gun
* Straws


Step 1) Colour in your poppy head (A) in bright red.
Step 2) Cut out center of poppy (B) and cut along white fine lines. Once finished, bend up.
Step 3) Attach poppy head to a green pipe cleaner through centre of poppy (B).
Step 4) Cut out small center of poppy (C) and glue in place on top.
Step 5) Create a field of Poppies!

Each poppy should be unique, and hand made.
These can then be added to a wreath that can be laid at the remembrance service.


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