Hot Air Balloon Debate

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A good way to start debating and practise problem solving. Many variations available online.


List of possible characters


Scouts in small groups…. 4-8 in each. Each Scout takes a role (choose from one below or make one up). Scouts should not use themselves as characters in the debate as this could lead to a scout being picked on for their own personal characteristics.
Scenario: It is your first time travelling in a hot air balloon, and right now, you are floating somewhere above the Welsh mountains; it’s awesome! Suddenly, there is a problem…… the balloon has run out of gas. Uh-oh! You are losing height rapidly and will soon crash onto the mountains below. To prevent death-by-balloon-crash of everyone in the air balloon, the weight of the balloon must be reduced. Tell the other passengers why you should stay on the balloon and as a group, decide which passengers should be chucked off first, second, third, fourth......?


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