Indoor Rounders

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Fast & Furious game only minimally like 'real' rounders


Soft (sponge) ball - tennis size
3 or 4 chairs/markers depending on size of hall


Split the group into two equal teams (one batting, one fielding)
An independent (?adult) scorer is needed. They keep track of number of Rounders scored. The number of batters “out” is not scored.

· There are no “posts” and nobody can be stumped out or run out.
· “Batters” make a line ready for their turn a little way back and to the side of the batting spot (right hand as seen by bowler).
· “Fielders” spaced around area but NOT inside the area marked by chairs.
· One fielder is designated as the Back Stop
· The bowler is an adult or other proficient catcher/thrower who is not on either team S/he bowls to both sides and will be faster than a youngster bowling (this makes it fair for all).
· Ball bowled underarm at between shoulder and knee height of the batter.
· Ball is hit with the flat hand.
· After each bowl, fielders must return ball to bowler who must not leave the bowling position.
· When Bowler has received ball they shout “Stop!”
· Next ball is bowled immediately.
· If new batter is not in position they are “out” and go to the back of the queue.
· Batter must run whether they hit the ball or not.
· Batter is “out” only if caught. Catches from ricochets from walls, ceilings, other people etc. are not allowed.
· Rounder is scored if batter completes the circuit (running outside the circle of chairs/markers) before bowler shouts “Stop”.
· No batter is actually out of the game, they just join the back of the queue.
· Game may be either a) timed for each side or b) a certain number of goes for each batter. This is rather dependent on numbers.
· Obstruction of the batter by the fielding team loses them a rounder.
· Obstruction of the fielders by the batting team loses them a rounder.

We play this in a very small hall where balls have to be retrieved from under tables,
behind chairs etc. Once the rules are known, it goes really well and is a firm favourite !

BEWARE (RISK ASSESSMENT) There is a danger of collisions between fielders when “going for” the ball and between fielders and the batters trying to get around. Fielders should be encouraged to stay within their own area of the “field” and not to rush across to retrieve every ball !

NB The favourite “cheat” is for batter to catch ball and run with it. Answer : lose 1 rounder !!!!


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