Camp Rubbish

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Game to teach or remind about rubbish disposal at camp


Printed 'rubbish items' sheets (see dowmload)
May want some 'real' items (see download)


To teach what to do with various kinds of rubbish at camp. (THIS ASSUMES an open-fire camp, adaptation needed for indoor or stove-only camps.)

Print out enough of the rubbish items sheets for one set for each Patrol (see download). Printing on different coloured papers is good if you want to know which Patrol has done what !!!
Cut up the sheets into the 6 items.

Print 1 copy of the “disposal options / where to put it” sheet and cut up. You could, have the ’real’ item instead, i.e. A recycle box, pig bucket, wet pit, simulated fire, metal bucket, a Leader etc.

Place the “where to put it” markers around the hall.

Give each Patrol their set of rubbish items and ask them to place them next to (or in) the proper place of disposal.

When completed have a feedback session and put right any mis-conceptions and discuss any reasons as appropriate.

The check sheet provided gives the answers which prevail in our Troop and may not be the same as yours.

Various parts of the country have differing methods and items of re-cycling. Be true to your own area or that in which you are likely to camp (if known).

ADDITIONAL ‘mileage’ could be got from this activity as in ...
What you do with the ash when it’s cold.
What to do, eventually, with broken glass.
When to burn pig-bin contents.
Differing rules for campsites.
Where to tip the wet-pit water.

Could lead to general rubbish and re-cycling issues in the ‘wider world’.

Sadly, I can’t find many badge requirements for this activity. You would think it should be far more of a core requirement for Outdoor & Outdoor Plus Challenges.


  • camp hygiene
  • Camp Safety ; Hygeine
  • camp skill
  • camp waste disposal
  • Hygiene
  • rubbish at camp
  • waste disposal

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