Island Rescue

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Problem solving exercise. Scouts have to light a candle from a distance.


Bamboo canes, String / rope, matches, Tape, candles, chalk


On one side of hall mark out with chalk an area that all Scouts of one six can stand in. This is their desert island.
On the opposite side of the hall mark a smaller area. Place an upright candle here.
Explain to the Scouts that they are on a desert island. When they landed (being clever Scouts) they built a distress signal (the candle) which was to be lit should a ship come near.
Over time an earthquake caused the island to split in two.
Inbetween are shark infested waters.
A ship is now sailing near by and the Scouts have to light the candle.
Using string/ rope tie the bamboo canes together to make a longpole. Tape a match to the end.
Using an adult, light the match then, whilst staying in the chalked area, exend the bamboo canes and light the candle.


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