DIY Badge - Key Holders

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Design, Sand down, paint, drill and screw in hooks for a key holder.


Wood, Paint, Hooks, Sandpaper


1 - Pre-cut enough pieces of wood to around A5 size - We purchased a large piece at B&Q and asked a member of staff to cut it to the correct size for us.

2 - Design on paper - Get the Cubs to draw out a rough version of their desing onto a piece of A5 paper, remind them to keep the designs large and bold, as painting intricate designs can be tricky (unless you have excellent painting equipment at your hut)

3 - Sand down the wood - Give each Cub a piece of sandpaper and get them to smooth all the edges, they don't need to spend a huge amount of time doing this.

4 - Paint design on to the wood - we advised them to sketch out the basic outline with a pencil first if they needed to give them a guide when they are painting.

5 - Drill hook holes - take each Cub at a time and get them to drill approx. 3 holes for key hooks and a hole in the top to put a eyelet for hanging the key holder up by.

6 - Screw in hooks - get them to screw in their hooks and eyelet into all the holes provided.

I have done this activity with the Cubs several times over the last 10 years or so and it works really well and is a good way to pass this part of the DIY badge. Have fun!

Use roughly A4 size pieces of MDF, square or circular, pre-painted with blackboard paint.
Cubs screw a bar hook to the back of the board - use a bradawl if required to get them started.
Using 'no nails' glue, stick an old music cassette holder to the front to hold chalks.
Glue ribbon or braid around the edges.
Decorate board using test pots of emulsion and letter stencils and/or stickers.
Paint and glue on a couple of wooden clothes pegs to act as note holders.
Drill and screw in hooks to hold keys.
Add chalks to the holder.



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