Wildlife Poster

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Dangers to wildlife & counryside code posters


Paper, magazines, pens, glue


In the previous week briefly discuss with Cubs about the dangers to wildlife and how the environment is protected. Tell them about the countryside Code and ask them to think about what might be in the code to protect the countryside. Then ask Cubs to find pictures that can be used to create posters about dangers to wildlife and examples of protecting it, and/or how to follow the Countryside Code.

Then at the next meeting ask Cubs to to go into their sixes and share their images with each other (and a Leader) and then make either make two posters, collages or drawings. One will illustrate dangers to wildlife and good evironmental practice and the other will show the Countryside Code and how to follow it.
When posters are complete ask each six to share two or three points that they think are important or others may not have.


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