Flour mountain

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Cubs cut away at a mountain of flour with a smartie on top, the one who makes the smartie fall must eat it with no hands


Flour (lots of) small deep bowl (to make a sandcastle from flour), smarties, a large tray, a plate, a normal eating knife. Washing facilities


Make a sandcastle out of compacted flour (using the bowl as a mold) turn this out onto the plate which is placed on the tray (to contain mess).
Place 1 smartie on top of the flour (jelley babies or any other small sweet could be used, best if its not white! CHECK ALLERGIES)

cubs take turns in cutting away the flour mountain with the butter knife. the aim is not to let the smartie fall down

the cub who finally makes the smartie fall must eat it with no hands allowed (they will get covered in flour!)

repeat as many times as you want!


  • food
  • halloween
  • messy games

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