Making an emergency call

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Teach the Cubs how to make an emergency call


Mobile phones
111 operator script (attached from
Also attached some scenarios.


* Describe and talk about public telephones and how they can be used including reverse charges and operator number.
* Look at the 5 emergency services and the 3 possible numbers to use to call them.
* Spend a few minutes talking to the young people about how they would make an emergency call.
* Cover different services, the key information that the operator will ask for.
* Test young peopole by use of incidents, split into 3 groups one passes the message to the middle group who then makes a call on a fake telephone to the third group who acts as the operator and takes down the information and passes it back to the leader.
* Make sure they know how to operate a mobile phone.
* Explain the differences between a mobile and public phone, and then explain how they would make the same call using a public phone


  • 101
  • 112
  • 999
  • ambulance
  • emergency
  • fire brigade
  • first aid
  • Personal Safety
  • police
  • telephones

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