Fireworks Code

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Teach Cubs about the fireworks and Bonfire code and get them to make up their own safety code


* Fireworks Code Game
* Fireworks Code leaflet
* Safety Code sheets x 12
* wax crayons
* black water colour
* paper/card
* Bonfire and Firework Code Leaflet


Get the Cubs to work as a Six to figure out what the missing words are. Once they have worked out the answers give them the Code leaflet to check them against. They then need to write a safety code of their own (not about the internet as they will be doing this at another time).
Make firework pictures.
Talk through safety around a Bonfire.


  • bonfire night
  • Fire Safety
  • fireworks
  • Personal Safety
  • safety

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  • Fire Safety - Fireworks
  • Personal Safety - Codes