The Chocolate Game

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Game of chance with Chocolate at the end of the Rainbow/Game


A die, a bar of chocolate (plus a non allergenic alternative), a hat, a scarf, a jacket, a pair of gloves a plate, a knife and fork


Make sure that any one with an allergy to chocolate (including nuts) is aware that they must eat the alternative to the chocolate (leaders to oversee).

Place a chair at one end of the room and the Scouts sit in a circle at the other end of the room. Place the clothes on the chair together with the chocolate on the plate (a large block of Dairy Milk or similar) and the knife and fork. Give the Scouts the die. They each throw the die in turn into the circle (rules can be made so they miss their next go if the die it ends up outside the circle, or is obviously "slid") until one of them throws a "6". The "6" thrower then runs to the chair and tries to put on all the clothes. Meanwhile the other Scouts left in the circle continue to throw the die. If one throws a 6 then they run to the chair and put on the clothes meaning the Scout who is already at the chair has to take any clothes he has managed to put on, off again, for the next Scout to put on! If any Scout manages to get ALL the clothes on before being replaced they can use the knife and fork to cut the chocolate into pieces and eat 1 piece (a leader should be there to discourage more than 1 piece being eaten!)

This can go on for as long as the excitement lasts! It could end when there are only enough pieces of chocolate to go round (if you choose a large enough block!) every one gets at least one piece. (Thanks to Nigel for introducing this game to us!)


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