Fire Safety Activity Badge

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Complete the Cubs Fire Safety Badge over 2 evenings.


Smoke detectors
fire extinguishers


Use the resources attached, to hand out to the Scouts, either for each activity, or at the end.

Night 1
- What is fire? Process of combustion
- Actions on discovering a fire at home, HQ, camp.
- Dangers & precautions in the home, HQ, camp.
- Benefits of smoke detectors
- Heath & grass fires
- Fire Extinguishers – recognition & practical
- Building a fire safely (safety, fire bucket, area etc)
- Scenario practical activity for each group

Night 2
- Visit to local fire station
- Award certificates & pack photo

Other ideas:

1. (10 min) Put the pack into sixes, and get them to draw who they think is involved in the fire service. Then, bring the pack together to present what they think, and explain to them how a fire service works.
( is useful)

2. (20 min) Group Discussion:
a. Action on discovering a fire
b. Dangers of fire at camp and at home.
c. Fire Extinguishers - talk about the different types and their uses.
d. Smoke Detectors - benefits of installation, how to check them.

3. (5 min) Get the Cubs to test the smoke detectors in the hut

4. (20 min) Get the Cubs to complete the Home Escape Plan worksheet.

5. (15 min) Talk about 'Stop-Drop-Roll' and how to call the Fire Service. Then get them to act out how to do the manoeuvre


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