Make and follow treasure hunt

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Cubs hide treasure and make a map showing where it is. Each six has to find another six's treasure.


A suitably small location for mapping and hiding something. A small wood with a few paths is perfect.
A treasure box per six.
A clipboard, paper and pencil for each six.


Cubs split into their sixes. Each six gets a clipboard, paper, pencil and a treasure box. Cubs are sent out to draw a map of the chosen area. At some point they must hide their treasure box and mark its location on the map. Suggest a leader goes with each six and makes a mental note of where each treasure box is!

The treasure maps are then swapped round so each six now has another six's treasure map. The cubs now head out again to try to find the treasure.

At the end of the game, leaders ensure that all the treasure boxes are collected in.


  • Map Making
  • Navigator
  • Treasure Hunt

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