War and Peace Game

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Two teams independently make decisions as to whether to be aggressive to the other or to make peaceful advances. According to their point in time decisions, points are won and lost. Negotiations at times during the game offer the chance for both sides to win, if only they realise it!


Two locations where teams can talk without being overheard by the other team. 3 pencils and paper, 1 per team and one for the moderator. Optional - material for 2 team name signs. Optional: team prizes (chocolate?)


The War and Peace - Game - Player Instructions

The objective is for both teams to end up with positive scores.
The team with the higher positive score at the end of the game wins.
Note : Zero is not a positive score.

Optional:Please make a sign with your team name.

Playing the Game

Game 1

The game has 10 rounds. In each game your team scores points by deciding
whether to play RED or BLUE. The leader will circulate between teams, asking
for their decisions. When both teams have made their decisions they will be told
the decision of the other team.

Your team should keep a running total of its own score, and the score of the
opposing team. Scores are calculated as follows :

(see attachment for scoring as I can't format it here easily and reliably)

As part of the FOURTH round the leader will ask each team whether they
would like to meet with the other team to make peace. If both groups wish to
meet, then one member from each team will be allowed to meet with a member
from the other team. If one team does not wish to confer, no meeting will take
place. As part of the EIGHTH round there will be a second opportunity to confer.
The same rules will apply. In the NINTH and TENTH rounds the point scores are

Summary of key points:
- You will not know what the other team has played on each round until
you have made your choice.
- There can be a conference after rounds 4 and 8 if both teams wish.
- Rounds 9 & 10 count double.
- The leaders will be impartial and honest!

Team(s) that do not meet the objective of the game will lose their war/ prize.

You hope that at some point in the negotiations they realise that if they play red-red all the time, then that's probably the only way that any one of the teams is going to get a positive score. The doubling of the score towards the end offers an opportunity, if the scores have gone deeply negative, to snatch peace and prosperity from the jaws of post war austerity.


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