Chocolate Apples

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Apples dipped in chocolate and decorated with sprinkles


Apples; few big bars of chocolate; cake decorated sprinkles; lollypop sticks; paper plates; pen


Melt chocolate bars in a cooking bowl, placed in a pan of simmering water stirring all the time.
Mean while Anchors fold a corner of the paper plate and write their name on it.
Split the melted chocolate between Anchors in small bowls with spoons.
Put the sprinkles in bowls with spoons.
Anchors to skewer the apples with lollipop sticks
Anchors to cover apples with chocolate and then sprinkles.
Put apples to one side to set.


  • Apple
  • chocolate
  • Chocolate apples
  • Decorate
  • Eating
  • lollypop sticks

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