Orange Carving

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Carving an orange to look like a Jack O'Lantern


Orange, sharp knife, spoon, ballpoint pen.


This is a cheaper, smaller version of pumpkin carving!
Cut the top of an orange off (keep the top for later) and scoop the middle out the best you can.
Cut the shapes out of the orange with the sharp knife, under adult supervision. Stock up on plasters!!
Its best to draw on the pumpkin with a biro/ other branded ball point pen to then cut out.
Alternatively, if you think knives arent something you want to hand to Beavers/ some Cubs, let them draw on/ stick on what ever they like to make it look spooky!
Stick the top back on and enjoy!

Its not advisable to put candles in these at they would scorch the tops of the orange, but a small electronic candle (LED based) would work well and would look quite effectively.


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