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A rowdy football skills game that allows the young
people to test their ball control skills.


As many footballs as possible. Possibly cones to mark out spaces.


Get everyone into pairs and ask them to face each
other. Ask them to take four steps away from each
other to create a wide alley.

These are the Gladiators. (Cones can be
used to lay out the field, if you have them.)

Give out the footballs.

Ask the pair at one end to stand at the head of the
alley, (the START).

Objectives of the game:

The pair at the head of the alley:

The young people begin at START with their football.
The aim of the game is for them to dribble their ball
down the alley and across the FINISH line without
losing control of their football or a gladiator using their
football to knock one of the pairs’ ball out of the alley.

The gladiators (the young people on the outside
of the alley) must stop the pair on the inside reaching
the FINISH by using their own ball to kick the other ball
out of the alley.

When a pair reaches the FINISH, with or without their
ball, everything resets with a new pair at the START.

Keep playing until everyone has been through the alley.

Safety rules:

*Gladiators must pass the ball using the inside
of their foot and not strike it

*Gladiators must aim for the ball and not the
person dribbling

*Balls MUST not go above the knee or the player
is disqualified

The bullying element
Before they begin the game, ask the young people
to think about how they feel while they are playing
the game. and remind them at points throughout
the game to think about how it feels.
At the end of the game ask them these questions
to start the discussion on bullying:

*How did it feel going down the alley?
*Gladiators, how did it feel trying to stop the
contestants finishing?
*What helped you get to the end of the alley?
*What do the Gladiators represent when thinking
about bullying?
*What did the pairs going through the alley represent
when thinking about bullying?
*Have you ever been in a situation that has made
you feel like this?



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