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Creation of keyrings and decorations for Beavers


Shrinkies, Sharpie marker pens, hole punch and figures to trace, attachments for example keyrings and bag tags


~Ensure oven is set to 150 degs
~Beavers all collect a shrinkies sheet and printed paper
~Beavers choose a dark/ black sharpies pen and trace on the shrinkie
~Once Shrinkie had dried turn it over and ensure dry
~Once dry hole punch the corner
~Take shrinkies sheet and place on hot baking sheet
~Watch the shrinkie until it shrinkes to the size of a keyring and is resonable flat
~Peel off baking tray (recomend twizzers if sticky)
~Then place on side (quickly) and put a place mat on the top to flatten and cool.
~Once cool ensure beaver chooses attachment and attach per the instructions.
~To identify the beavers keyring if a line appears then ensure beaver writes name on the tracer sheet and keep with shrinkie sheet.


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