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Save our Water - posters

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Promote water saving ideas by designing posters, leaflets, stickers or badges.


Equipment: Paper/card, felt tip pens etc
Resources: Spotlight on Water http://www.wateraid.org/uk/get_involved/community_groups/spotlight_on_water/8583.asp


Quickly calculate the average amount of water they all use and explain that most people in Europe use around 200 litres of water every single day, while in developing countries, people use just 10 litres.
- Ask the children whether they think saving water is important and if they can think of ways to do this.
- Promote water saving ideas by designing posters, leaflets, stickers or badges.
I’d like the audience to stand up again please. Those of you who stood up when I asked you if you had had a shower today – I’m afraid we are trying to save our water so please sit down.
Those of you who have brushed their teeth, sorry the water’s getting low so please sit down.
Finally those of you who have had a drink – we are out of water please sit down.
“Imagine living without easy access to water. We use water in so many ways. In Europe each person uses 200 litres on average every day! In developing countries people use just 10 litres per day – around two buckets.
This next song asks, what if we didn’t have water at the turn of a tap?”
- Sing the “Save our Water” song from page 18 of the resource


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