Knot Relay Race

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Learning how to tie two knots and use it in a game


Several Ropes, at least enough for one each, perhaps some adult help with younger sections.


Children are put into same size teams, the length of the hall should be considered for the final pull. (4 is good for a medium sized hall).

A nominated team member sits down at one end of the hall holding a rope tied with a Bowline at one end. (on thungry hippo trolleys or on a carpet off cut works well)
All other team members then run in relay fashion to the other end of the hall, grab a length of rope from a pile (one for each running team member), run back and tie a knot (e.g. Reef knot, Sheet Bend or any other joining knot) to the other end of the first rope being held by the nominated team member, each team member continues to do this. By the end, the length of rope held by the nominated team member will be fairly long.
The team must then drag the nominated member holding the rope across the floor to the other end of the hall, first home is the winner.
If the knots are tied incorrectly or not strong enough they will break in the final pull, the team will have to stop and tie the knot again.
You should try to run the relay enough times that each team member has the chance to be pulled along the floor, its great fun they love it.

This game would follow well after a knot tying evening as a bit of fun and can be played at any time once you have taught the knots. You could play the game by alternating knots, or opening with the nominated team member tying the Bowline first.

Sheet Bend and Bowline are 2 of the Surrey Six


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