Night navigation preparation evening

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Planning session for night navigation on Horsell Common


Copies of Horsell Common maps
Copies of route planners


Break into patrols, be seated at tables and chairs
Hand out maps and route card and pen/pencil to each scout
Explain how to fill in the route plans:
1. Measure longitude and latitude of start/end and control points 1-7
2. Explain how to get a bearing from the map to get from one control point to the next (i.e. NW, WSW, N etc.)
3. Explain how to use the scale to get an estimate of distance between control points (using 1km grid on maps)
4. Explain how to convert distance to time estimates assuming 1km/15' and why its important
5. Each scout to fill out their route plan
6. Each scout to bring home map
7. Remind all to bring outdoor gear, walking boots, torches and their maps next week (remember to bring spare maps in probable case scouts lose them)
May need games at end to fill time


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