Make advent calendar

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Make advent calendar with 1 meter 32mm waste pipe


(Suggest working in groups of 3 cubs)
For each cub:
1 meter white 32mm waste pipe
3 45cm plant sticks

8 big sweets - eg Celebration/Heroes etc
8 little sweets - eg Blackjack/fruit salad
8 chores - Wahing up/tidy room/vacuum/make cup of tea/make meal/dry up/load
washing machine/dust (write on paper & screw into a ball)

For each group:
Workmate or vice
Cordless drill with suitable size drill bit to ensure a snug fit for the plant stick
Junior hacksaw
Masking tape
6" string
Xmas decoration & sellotape (optional to hang on bottom)
Xmas stickers to decorate pipe


Explain safety using drills/saws & threaten with immediate ban if they are silly
Get older cubs to saw pipes in two.
(Split up tasks so someone is always using workmate)
Measure & cut plant sticks into 8 x 2" lengths - leaving a short one & sand rough ends
Put masking tape down length of pipe
Make a mark 1/2" from top (this will hold the short length of plant stick)
Then mark 8 sets of 2",1",1" (2" holds the hero, 1" for the blackjack or chore) Remove tape
Tie a reef knot in string to make a loop
Drill a hole through both sides of pipe at the top mark add short stick & loop of string
Drill holes through one side of pipe at all other marks
Decorate pipe with stickers (can do this last or at home if running out of time)
Working from bottom, put 2" length of plant stick and add small sweet
Repeat with plant stick then chore, plant stick & large sweet & repeat. (You should finish with a large sweet)
Stick decoration on bottom with sellotape


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