Recycling relay

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Relay race with recycling and rubbish


2 bin bags with clean rubbish, recycling and things to go to a charity shop. 6 boxes.


Discussion to begin with about re-using items, recycling items and things that go to the tip. 2 teams of Beavers, each have a sack full of (clean) rubbish - e.g. cardboard boxes, jars, plastic bottles, clean nappies, batteries, paper, magazines, cardboard tubes and clothes. Each team has in front of them 3 boxes labelled "charity", "rubbish tip" and "recycling". Then each relay team takes a piece of "rubbish" and runs to put it in the correct box (with the help of their team shouting which it goes in). The winners get 10 points, but lose a point for every item in the wrong box.


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