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Dodgeball Game


Two Foam Balls


Split the group into teams - no more than 6 players in a team

Split the hall into two by drawing a line with chalk down the middle of the room

Send one team to each half of the hall with any remaining teams to be sitting out at the side of the hall

To start each team must be touching the wall furthest away from the centre line
Two balls are thrown into play and the children can run to get the balls

The object is to throw the ball at your opposing team while dodging any balls thrown at you

Should a ball hit a player then the player is out
Should the ball hit the ground or wall before hitting the player then this is invalid and the player is still in
Should a player catch the ball before it has hit the ground or them then the player who threw the ball is out
Should a player cross or stand on the middle line then they are out
If the players are taking too long holding the ball then a time limit of 10 seconds to throw the ball can be imposed

The winning team is the one who manages to get all their opponents out

Play each team against each other


  • ball game
  • Ball skills
  • Dodgeball
  • exercise
  • rules
  • team game
  • team work

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