Magnetic Relay

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Relay game where the Beavers behave like magnets




The Beavers line up in their lodges at one end of the room. The Beaver at the front of the line must run to the other end of the room, and then back. When they return, they hold hands with the next Beaver in line and do the same again - run to the other end of the room and back. The 2nd Beaver holds hands with the next Beaver in the line, and then they run again... and so on until the whole lodge has run in a line from one end of the room to the other. Once they have done this they should sit down. First lodge to do this wins!

Before hand remind the Beavers that they must stay linked together (like a chain of magnets) so they will need to make sure one person is not trying to run faster than another.

This game can be played as part of a magnetic theme night.


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