Magnetic Challenge Game

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A magnetic fishing game with challenges and points scoring


A stick for each lodge with string attached and a magnet at the end of the string. Hoops or masking tape. Paper fish shapes with paper clips on.


In advance, prepare the fish. Onto one side of the fish, write on a challenge. They could be physical challenges, such as press ups, or rubbing your tummy and patting you head etc. Or they could be scouting based challenges such as name the membership badge, point out your group's badge, name the leaders or similar. Each challenge should earn them a number of points on completion, different amounts depending on relative difficulty.

When you play the game put a hoop on the floor for each lodge (or mark out an area with masking tape for each lodge). Into the hoop, put a set of the fish prepared. Each lodge should be supervised by a leader, who listens/watches the Beavers completing the challenge. The Beavers should be given a set amount of time to take it turns to fish out a fish (!) with the "rod" and then perform the challenge. At the end of the time, the lodge who have gained the most points wins.


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