Christmas Star Trees

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Making starry christmas trees


Printed stars, pipecleaners, glitter/stickers/pens, scissors, hole punch, straws/chunky beads/pasta or other tubes


Give each beaver a copy of the stars, printed on card (200gsm is ideal). The attached document prints two sets on A4. It is a good idea to pre-punch the holes, if you have a long-arm hole punch.

Allow them to decorate them with pens etc, then cut them all out.

Once cut out, thread them in size order onto a pipe cleaner, interspersing with some kind of spacer - we used cut-up drinking straws (although this might not work if your hole-punch is too big). Bend the pipecleaner at each end to secure, and allow it to stand up - you might have enough at the top to bend into a star!

Add more decorations - the messy stuff this time - glitter, stickers etc.



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