Making Peppermint Creams

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Making Peppermint creams For Christmas/Birthday/Easter/Halloween/Valentines etc..


See Attached File (three versions, XPS, PDF & docx)

icing sugar; condensed milk (or double cream & egg white); peppermint essence; chocolate; food colouring (optional).

mixing bowls; wooden spoons; metal spoons (table & teaspoons); scales; greaseproof paper

Note: this is messy, worth covering tables if you can, also remember greaseproof paper so that you can put the creams on to dry out and for chocolate to harden.


See Attached File:

Variation: Use red food colouring and vanilla essence for red hearts (Valentines day)

For cubs this activity could count towards either the Chef Badge or the Skills Badge (Creative or Cake depending on which you need to cover). If the cubs help you do the cleaning up then you could also apply that to the Skills: Other.


  • cook
  • creams
  • creative
  • peppermint

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