Make a Switch

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Make a Simple Switch


Battery and holder
Bulb and holder
2 x lengths of wire
Stripping tool (if the wire has a plastic insulating coating)
Paper clip
2 x metal paper fasteners
Silver foil


If the wire has a plastic insulating coating, use the stripping tool to remove the coating to reveal about 2cm of bare wire at each end (under adult supervision)
2. Screw the bulb into the holder and use the paperclip and fastener to form the switch (as shown) or use silver foil stuck to the card to make a switch
3. Use the wire to connect one fastener to the bulb and the other fastener to the battery
4. Complete the circuit by connecting the other terminal of the battery to the other terminal of the bulb
Tip: The paper clip and fasteners may have a lacquer on the surface which will prevent the current flowing. This can be cleaned off using sandpaper or the side of a screwdriver.



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