Four corners game

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Game where the kids pick a corner to stand in and hope that corner isn't chosen to lose.


Four cards for the four corners, could be colours or pictures, then a small box with a smaller version of the cards in. Sweets for losers, prize for winner. Music for the kids to move around/dance to.


Four adults stand in the four corners holding the pre-prepared cards (or these could be attached to the wall). The kids move around the room to some music. When the music stops they must chose a corner to go and stand in. An adult, holding the small box with the small copies of the cards, selects a card at random. All those children in that corner are "out". They can have a small sweet and then sit down out of the way. The game carries on until not many children are left. Two of the corners can be removed from the game at this point to make it more likely that children will be out. The game carries on until one child is the winner and receives a prize.


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