Remembrance Day injuries simulation

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In lodges do tasks that represent some of the injuries sustained in wars and conflicts


pencil and paper
tray with plastic cups
floor mats


This was taken from the Scouts program online. I have copied and pasted it all into the file below, but this is the basic activity within it.

Base 1:
Take it in turns to blindfold one Beaver and ask them to (a) throw a ball and catch it and (b) write their name on the sheet of paper

Base 2:
(a) Try and pick up the book using only your fingers
(b) Try and pick up the box using only one arm
(c) Practice clenching your hands, then take it in turns to pick up the tray with the cups on using your clenched hands

Base 3:
The leader (without asking speaking) mouths different actions for the Beavers to follow, ie sit down, stand up, run on the spot

Base 4:
(a) Have a race to see who can get to the other end of the room on your hands and knees only - DO NOT LET YOUR FEET TOUGH THE FLOOR! or you will be out!
(b) Then divide into 2 groups and have a race again - one team can use both legs, the other team can only use one leg. Swap over and race again.


  • disability
  • interactive
  • Remembrance
  • war

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