Bamboo Catapults

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Build catapults with bamboo and rubber bands, and fire at a target


Elastic bands,
7 bamboos per catapult,
Plastic cups or yogurt tub,
Water balloons, ping-pong balls or scrunched up paper


Give the each Six/Patrol the required equipment and a copy of each of the images showing the 2 different designs.

As a Six/Patrol they decide on what version of the Catapult they wish to build.

Once each Six/Patrol has built their Catapult let them have some practice shoots to perfect the firing technique then have a competition too see which six can get the furthest distance.

Before construction & firing go over some safety rules
1. Every one to stay behind the firing line
2. No firing if anyone over line
3. No flicking rubber bands at each other


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  • pioneering

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