country side obstacle course

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The beavers invent run through a course with ‘obstacles’ representing aspects of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.


Skittles, chairs - fake gates, toys with "leads" to put on (as dogs/sheep/cows etc), litter, poo bags, fake poo. etc


Know the Code before you go!
Obstacle Course*
Suggested Method:
Make up your own obstacle course using the props suggested.
Alternatively brainstorm with the group the outdoor situations where
you might need to think about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.
Discuss how these could be represented in an obstacle course.
Have a series of props ready to help with their suggestions, such as
the ones suggested.
If the group is large divide into sub-groups to design and make
different courses. When the courses are finished, walk through them
with the group and discuss the issues raised at each obstacle,
ensuring that the children know the responsible behaviour in each
A suggested course is given below:
• Open and close a gate
• Go around the margin of the ‘field’
• Put the dog on the lead and take it past the animals (this dog
cannot be trusted!)
• Pick up the litter and put it in a bag
• Pick up the dog poo with a doggie bag
• Decide on the best place to camp
• Sneak (e.g. tiptoe, crawl) past some wildlife
• Sort litter into recycling bins.
Each child completes the obstacle course(s) in turn. You may
wish to time them, adding a 5 second penalty if a ‘responsibility’
is missed.



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