Do you know the country code team game

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The leader shouts out an item (e.g. ”an open gate”) and the children have to race to find the picture card of thisitem and also the card with the matching responsible behaviour (e.g. “leave thegate as you find it - in this case open”).


Cards cut out and answers (see file attached)


Divide the group into equal teams and place the sets of game cards a good distance away from them.
For a younger group, you may wish to select a smaller number of cards or for an older group you could put the cards face down to make it more difficult.
Call out an item from the leader’s Games Card List (overleaf).
The first child in each team runs forward, picks up the correct picture card and the matching text card then runs back to their team with both cards.
Ask the first child back to show the picture card and read out their text card. The teams decide if the answer is correct. Give the first team back with the correct answer 2 points and give 1 point for the second team back, providing they got it right.
Continue until all cards have been collected.



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