Astronomy - Learn 4 Constellations

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Learn the names, shapes and stories of 4 constellations




- Show the shapes of the 4 constellations, with the names – the Plough (strictly part of Ursa Major), Cassiopeia, Orion and Pegasus to the young people
- As you show each constellation tell the story of it and explain that most of the constellations have stories attached
- To help the young people remember which constellation is which play a running game. Pin the constellations sheets on four different walls, to start with use the sheets with the constellations labelled. Ask all the young people to stand in the middle of the playing area, as you shout out the names of the constellations, the young people run to the right wall. As they get to know the shapes of the constellations change the sheets to ones without the labels
- If during the winter you have a meeting when the sky is clear try and find the shapes in the sky
Additional Information: - Stories differ both between civilisations and within them, as people slightly alter them
- An excellent and detailed series of stories for many constellations can be found at : (link no longer working 23/02/2015)
- Alternative link to replace above:
- Excellent background information on each constellation can be found at
- Examples of how pictures may be wrapped around the stars can be seen at


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