Christmas Pomanders

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Make a citrus pomander


Citrus fruit, Cloves , Bowl of mixed spice


To make a pomander, you will need oranges and/or lemons, a jar of cloves, some of your favorite scented spices, and a pair of latex or rubber gloves. The gloves are not necessary, but if the crafter has any minor cuts on their hands or cuticles, they will protect the wearer from stinging citrus juices accidentally running over the wound. Take a piece of fruit and a bowl of cloves and begin to push the stem of the cloves into the skin of the fruit. Make spirals, stripes, or any kind of patterns you like to decorate the fruit. When you are done, roll the fruit in a bowl of ground spices with rich holiday aromas, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, which will stick to the sweet juices.

Pomanders can be tied with ribbon and hung from the tree, or suspended in a corner or closet to make it smell good. You can also place several in a bowl and leave them out on a table, turning them once or twice a day until they dry out. The fruits will begin to dehydrate, but will retain the wonderful scents.



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